READ Magazine Teaching Center

Fiction, nonfiction, and reader's theater for grades 6–8

READ Magazine Teaching Center

Fiction, nonfiction and readers theater for grades 6–8

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Language Arts
Grades 6–8 | 9 issues | $8.99

A compelling mix of classic and contemporary fiction and nonfiction for grades 6–8. Organized into two main sections—literature and writing—each issue focuses on a specific theme and contains excerpts from well-known fiction and nonfiction works as well as original literature, including read-aloud plays and short stories. Plus, every issue examines a literary element as part of our LSI, or Literary Scene Investigation, series. Also includes grammar exercises, writing prompts, and author interviews. Subscriptions include full access to Scope Online featuring dazzling videos, rigorous ELA activity sheets, standards-based lesson plans, and so much more.

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  1. My Big World with Clifford
  2. Let's Find Out / My Weekly Reader K
  3. Scholastic News Grade 1
  4. Scholastic News Grade 2
  5. Scholastic News Grade 3
  6. Scholastic News Grade 4
  7. Scholastic News Grades 5/6
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  1. Junior Scholastic / Current Events
  2. Choices / Current Health
  3. Science World / Current Science
  4. Scope with READ
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